Is Social Media a Fad?

On January 19, 2011, InformationWeek article, Rajan Chandras posits whether the “Social Network Frenzy Signals Another Tech Bubble.” In short….No! Before I get to why the fundamentals of “core” web 2.0, social media, social networking (insert your favorite buzzword here) are sound, it is worth getting the valuation issue off the table. I have been telling colleagues for …

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Grey’s Anatomy & Twitter

As a light-hearted addendum to my last post directed at Physicians Considering Twitter, here is an entire segment of Grey’s Anatomy entitled Twitter Madness. 

Social Media ROI

Effective use of social media in healthcare continues to generate more opinions than people standing in lines to get an iPad2 last week. While there is no requirement that social media result in any form of ROI, unless you are doing it as part of your job, there is a lot of nonsense being thrown …

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Blogging for Physicians

Authenticity + creativity + massive value + key takeaways = a thriving blog Historically, a physician’s reputation was derived from his/her academic credentials, publications, leadership roles, patient word-of-mouth and a host of other elements. In the age of the Internet, one’s reputation is created and propagated as much online as anywhere. One of the most …

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No Silence for Pharma on Facebook

Many pharma companies have embraced Facebook and other social media to the point that they acknowledge there are masses on those sites, and they want to take advantage of the clear potential marketing opportunities. But the part about social media being ‘a discussion’ has not been particularly embraced. A primary concern for pharma is the …

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Patients Consider Social Media Savvy Hospitals More Up-to-date

Although you have to participate in a webinar to get access to the full report, FierceHealthcare has provided the highlights of a YouGov Healthcare report that indicates hospitals active in social media see patient perception benefits. Consumers’ Use, Preference and Expectations of Hospital Social Media is the first in the Decision Support Series from YouGov Healthcare.   The report examines consumer …

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