Thuc Huynh, MD

Dr. Thuc Huynh is a family medicine resident, chief of her residency, and serial entrepreneur.  Dr.Huynh has always been the “go-to” person in the hospital whenever someone has a question about the latest technology in smartphones, apps, or laptops.  Curbside technology consult is a common moniker used for her.  As new residents and medical students come through the program, she finds herself introducing them to the most popular apps or latest gadgets and technology she’s using and is often surprised to learn they have never heard of any of them.

The iTunes store currently has over 4,000 medical apps to choose from.  Where to begin?  That’s how Scrubdin was born. Dr. Huynh took her passion for technology and her entrepreneurial mindset and founded Scrubdin; a web company committed to guiding health professionals and patients through the thousands of choices for healthcare applications.

Dr. Huynh is currently Chief Resident at her Family Medicine Residency in Rapid City, SD and received her B.S. and M.D. at the Medical University of the Americas.

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