Social Media ROI

Chris-BoyerEffective use of social media in healthcare continues to generate more opinions than people standing in lines to get an iPad2 last week.

While there is no requirement that social media result in any form of ROI, unless you are doing it as part of your job, there is a lot of nonsense being thrown about as to what does and what doesn’t constitute ROI.

At the end of the day, healthcare is complex and time is money. In order to drive real value, one has to know what value looks like. I have seen no better treatment of ROI than in the following presentation. It’s long, but very well thought through. We need more critical thinking like this in the industry.

Chris Boyer, a member of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media External Advisory Board, gave the following talk on measuring return on investment in social media at the Mayo Social Media Summit in Jacksonville.

Social Media = ROI? Measuring your hospital’s social media efforts

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