Blogging for Physicians

Authenticity + creativity + massive value + key takeaways = a thriving blog

Historically, a physician’s reputation was derived from his/her academic credentials, publications, leadership roles, patient word-of-mouth and a host of other elements. In the age of the Internet, one’s reputation is created and propagated as much online as anywhere. One of the most effective tools for building an online reputation is the blog. A blog is a vehicle to demonstrate thought leadership, convey a sense of who you are as a person and can even be a place to create a conversation with colleagues and patients.

For the physicians who know what a blog is and still choose not to commit to writing, the most common objection is the time required or a sense of not having enough to share. For a professional who is already massively taxed on time, writing a blog is seemingly the last thing that makes sense. If this describes you, I am going to suggest you take a closer look as we share thoughts on the value of blogging over the coming months. We’ll be offering a series of reputation-building “best practices”, and quite a number of them will address the blog tool as one of the tools in your arsenal. We’ll also speak specifically to the time issue, setting goals, focus, tactics and more.

Today I want to share a post from Problogger discussing the importance of being genuine if indeed you are committing to writing a blog. Note: While the following post does not address it, it’s not a good idea to “outsource” the writing of your blog to staff or vendors. This totally misses the point and misses the primary benefits of a blog. We’ll address “outsourcing” in a future post as well.

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