Putting a Face to the Practice

Far too often when a physician practice (hospitals included) think of marketing, the immediate reaction is to get someone to “take care of that.” This often leads to a marketing program, social media included, that don’t reflect the true voice and character of the clinicians who are the ones caring for the patients. This is a mistake!

As Marketing Profs shares in their post entitled: ‘Human Voice’ in Social Media Helps Build Customer Relationships, Positive WOM

Using a personal, human voice when communicating via social media leads to much higher user satisfaction ratings than impersonal communication from businesses and nonprofits, a University of Missouri researcher has confirmed.

Moreover, users have stronger intentions to engage in positive word-of-mouth (WOM) on behalf of organizations when their social networking site has a human presence rather than merely an organizational presence, according to the study.

Titled “The Use of Human Voice as a Relationship Building Strategy on Social Networking Sites,” the study is authored by Missouri School of Journalism doctoral candidates Hyojung Park and Hyunmin Lee.

“There is great value in using a human voice when communicating and developing good relationships with the public,” Park said. “Levels of trust, commitment, and satisfaction from users all appear to be positively affected by the use of the human voice in social media,” she added.

One way for companies to build positive relationships via social media is to use names and images of company representatives, the research found.

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