Jason Hwang, MD

Innovators-PrescriptionI recently sat down to learn more about Dr. Jason Hwang and the Innosight Institute based in Mountain View, CA. Innosight Institute is a non-profit social innovation think tank with focuses on Education and Healthcare. Dr. Hwang leads the organization’s healthcare practice. Together with Professor Clayton M. Christensen of Harvard Business School and the late Jerome H. Grossman of Harvard Kennedy School of Government, he is co-author of The Innovator’s Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care (McGraw-Hill, January 2009), the American College of Healthcare Executives 2010 Book of the Year.

Dr. Hwang was Chief Resident and a medical instructor at the University of California, Irvine, where he received multiple recognitions for his clinical work. He has also served as a clinician with the Southern California Kaiser Permanente Medical Group and the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Long Beach, California. Dr. Hwang received his B.S. and M.D. from the University of Michigan and his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

The Innosight Institute is funded through grants and donations and has a mission to apply Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen’s theories of disruptive innovation to develop and promote solutions to the problems of health care. The primary focus is the U.S. health care system, although the practice also works on the problems confronting health care outside the U.S.

As a large part of its research, Innosight Institute publishes case studies and white papers to describe, analyze, and explain existing market problems, while also exploring the needed innovations and solutions to address those challenges. Specific challenges that receive Dr. Hwang’s focus include the finance and delivery of medicine in the U.S. and the opportunities to reform and improve medical education. Recent health care case studies from Innosight Institute include papers on the Grand Valley Health Plan and Group Health Cooperative.

When he is not focused on raising capital, researching, writing or speaking on behalf of Innosight Institute, it’s clear Dr. Hwang has a penchant for technology innovation…especially as it applies to healthcare delivery.  Look for solid research and innovation leadership from Dr. Hwang in the coming years.

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