CMS Audits – They’re Likely Coming

From C3Partners, EverythingHITECH:

We have been advising our readers for a while to expect CMS audits. We’ve even offered some advice on how to do that, within our Meaningful Use Monitoring tools (attend one of the webinars listed on this site to see how).

But not many other writers have stepped up to the same perspective yet.  Yesterday, I saw an article from a consultant and blogger who we respect, Jim Tate on this topic.  I would encourage you to take a peek at it on HITECH Answers.  Their site offers a number of interesting free services to EP’s and EH’s that are worth keeping an eye on as well.

Jim’s advice is even stronger than ours, regarding diligence before attestation.  In fact, he regards to lack of such diligence as outright fraud – which is the perspective we fear CMS may take as well.

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