CMS increasing cost of technology?

cms-costs-increaseWell, here’s an interesting observation.  Not particularly decision-quality, but intriguing nonetheless.  I was researching a the Final Rule /Federal Register on a question for one of our subscribers, when I came across the following quote (Federal Register / Vol 75, No 144, July 28, 2010, page 4492, column 1):

“Specifically, since the ONC is establishing new certification criteria for EHR technology, we believe the average cost of certified EHR technology incorporating the new criteria will be higher than the current costs of EHR technology. It is our assumption that making improvements to incorporate the new certification standards into current EHR technology will be costly.”

So the cost of the government program alone increases the cost of technology we will be using in our hospitals and physician offices.  If you didn’t have sufficient incentive to apply for incentives before …

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